Tired of getting c2730 status on your Kyocera Taskalfa 3551ci, 4551ci, and 5551ci copiers? Don’t worry, if you need to fix this error we will tell you the solution for it. Here, we are sharing the method to troubleshoot the error code c2730 on Kyocera TASKalfa 3551ci, 4551ci, and 5551ci Copier. This article will also tell you the causes behind this error code. So, let’s start fixing the error.

Meaning of the error code C2730 on Kyocera Taskalfa 4551ci

The error code c2730 stands for secondary transfer release motor error. That is, the transfer release sensor does not turn on/ off when the transfer release motor is driven. If the error appears when there is noise from the machine, it may be due to a broken gear inside the secondary transfer unit. The secondary transfer release motor is located in the secondary transfer unit which is on the side door. 

Causes behind the error C2730 on Kyocera Taskalfa

Following are the reasons behind this problem,

  1. Dirty or damaged Secondary Transfer Release Motor Assembly.
  2. If the gear inside the secondary transfer unit is broken.
  3. Damaged connector cable
  4. Poor contact in the connector
  5. The faulty drive transmission system of motor
  6. If the transfer release motor is defective
  7. Damaged engine PWB.

Solution for the error C2730 on Kyocera Taskalfa

To solve the error C2730, follow the instructions given below,

1. Solution

Check the Secondary Transfer Release Motor Assembly: The secondary transfer unit is located on the right side door. First, remove the side cover from the Machine, there you can see the secondary transfer roller. Then, remove the secondary transfer unit from the side cover. The motor, gear, and sensor are situated inside the secondary transfer unit. So, check whether the motor, gear, and sensor are broken or not. So, replace them if broken.

2. Solution

Check the Connectors and Connector cables. Also, make sure that the connectors are properly installed.

3. Solution

If the error still persist, then check the engine PWB.