HP printers are more popular and reliable than any other printer in all over the world.  These printers come up with the latest and most advanced technologies. Therefore, it helps to simplify your workload. Although, the users may definitely encounter various technical issues while printing. We are discussing one of them here.

If you are using an HP printer, you might be faced with offline error issues with your printer while trying to print.  I’m sure you’ve wondered why my printer always goes offline.  However, this is a common error on all connected printers and can be easily fixed in a few steps.  So, read this article to know the causes and solutions of this problem. These methods will bring your printer back online.

The term ” printer is offline” indicates that the printer is unable to communicate with the machine which is sending the print job. That means, the printer is unable to do print work. You can’t do printing until you fix this error. There may be various reasons behind this error. Some causes and solutions are given below. First and foremost, make sure that you have installed all the updates for the windows OS.

Solution for HP Printer Offline?

  1. Check for Paper jam
    • There may be a chance to occur an offline error if any paper is jammed inside the printer. So, check for any paper jam. This is the most common cause for this problem.
  2. Defective cable or faulty connections
    • Check the USB cable connection between your computer and printer. There may be a chance for this error to occur if the USB cable is damaged or the connection between your PC and Printer fails. Replace the USB cable if it is necessary. You must turn off your PC and printer before replacing. Reconnect your printer and pc if there isn’t any damage.
  3. Set your printer manually to online.
    • Follow the below instructions to change the status of printer from offline to online manually,
    • First, go to the ‘control panel’ and click on “devices and printers”. After that, right click on the printer which you gave the order to. Then choose the ” see what’s printing” option  and set the status to ” use printer online”. Now it is ready.
    • After doing the above solutions, you should restart your printer and computer. 
  4. Outdated Firmware or Drivers.
    • If the error still persists even after doing the above solutions, then the error must be due to outdated firmware or Drivers. Therefore, you need to update and reinstall the latest HP printer drivers or firmware on your printer. 

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