Are you fed up with getting Replace waste toner box error in Sharp MX-2651, mx-3051, mx-3551, and mx-4051 Copiers when trying to do print works?  I know you tried your best to fix this problem.  Although, this is a common error in all Sharp Copiers. You don’t need to worry about this error because you can easily fix this error within a few steps.  Here we share the methods to replace a waste toner box in Sharp mx-3051 copier. So, read this article to know the ways to replace waste toner box and the reasons behind this error code.  These methods will help you to continue the printing process.

Meaning of the error “replace waste toner box” Sharp mx

The error “replace waste toner box” indicates that the waste toner box is full of waste toner and it needs replacement. Basically, the functioning of a waste toner box is mandatory in a Copier which deposits excess toner from the printing process to this box. That is, This process will make the copy neat and perfect. So, to continue the printing work you have to replace the waste toner box or you must clean the existing waste toner box. Additionally, below we are providing you the detailed process of replacing a waste toner box in Sharp MX Copier. 

How to replace the waste toner box?

  1. Firstly, open the front door of your Sharp machine. There you will see a large black box, that is known as the waste toner box. you can see a green button on either side of the box. 
  2. Press that Green button to release the waste toner box. Then,  Lift the box upward from the machine and remove the box. However, don’t shake the box while removing it.
  3. Then, plug the holes and install the new waste toner box into the Machine.
  4. Lastly, close the front door and turn the machine off and then turn it on. It will reset the machine.

How to reuse or clean the waste toner box?

It is possible to reuse the existing waste toner box by cleaning it. However, you have to clean the waste toner box completely. Because, the error will still persist if it is not done properly. Here, we are explaining the methods to clean the waste toner box properly.

  1. First of all, Remove the waste toner box from the machine by opening the front door. The green button above the waste box needs to be pressed to release the waste toner box.
  2. After that, empty the waste toner into a bag or waste box by removing the seals around the holes. Also, be careful when transferring and disposing of the toner. Do not inhale as it may cause allergic reactions. Most importantly, make sure the box is completely empty. Then, clean it with a vacuum. The error will continue to show If the toner particles remain there.
  3. Plug the holes and push the empty waste toner box back into the machine. 
  4. There is a lock or tab near the waste toner box which you can see in the image below.  This tab should always be pressed.  Because, if the tab is popped up, the machine will show the waste toner box replacement error.  That means, if the box is full of waste toner, this tab will be in a released state or it will pop up.  In short, it acts as a sensor to determine the amount of waste toner.  So, you must press this tab after cleaning and installing the waste toner box.  After that you can continue to use the machine.
  5. Then, close the front door and turn the machine off and then turn it on. Now the machine will start to reset.