Is your Kyocera taskalfa Copier unable to continue printing works due to error code C4600? Then, you don’t need to worry about this error. Because, this article contains solutions to your problem. Here, we provide  methods to fix the error code C4600 Kyocera taskalfa 2551ci in a  very easy to understand manner. So, continue with this article to know about this error and ways to fix it.  These methods will help you continue the printing process. 

Meaning of the error code C4600 on Kyocera taskalfa Copier

The error code C4600 on Kyocera taskalfa Copier is indicates LSU motor error, that is Laser Scan unit motor error. Basically, this is a technical error. You can fix it through servicing. Essentially, you don’t need any kind of replacements. However, this error code happens if the motor which cleans the filter glass of laser unit doesn’t work properly.  This problem also occurs if the gear in the laser unit is become more tight. 

Solutions for the error code C4600 on Kyocera taskalfa Copier 

  • Check the Laser Scan Unit: First of all, remove the Laser unit from the Machine. On the right side of this unit is a motor that cleans the filter glass.  Then clean the motor, gear, and rod-like structure known as cleaning pads.There are four cleaning pads on this Laser Scan unit. Therefore, remove them and lubricate it by applying some light grease to the gears and other cleaning parts of the LSU. After lubricating these parts re install them back. Also check if any of them are broken or not. Replace them if broken. 
  • Inspect the harness
  • Check the Engine PWB