About us

Our blog www.fixing-tech.com is dedicated to all those who are willing to set up offices and buy office equipment. Basically, this website will lead you to set up an office that meets your needs and budget. You can see a variety of models of office equipment and interiors in this era. However, we are only introducing their important models and their reviews through this blog.

About the Founders of this blog

The founders of Fixing tech are Mr. Fasaludheen and his wife Mrs. Lubna Shahanas. They have together launched this blog to help people who are confused about setting up an office and buying office products. Mr. Fasaludheen has completed his Engineering in Electronics and Communication and also has a Diploma in Accountancy. His wife Mrs. Lubna Shahanas has received her degree in BSc Counselling psychology.

 We had mainly two goals behind the launching of fixing tech. One is to get Google AdSense approval for my site and the other is to help people who are working in this field. To fulfill this, we focus on developing high-quality content and bringing it to the people who need it the most.

We also own a YouTube channel and blog named Corona technical. They are dedicated to people who are looking for Technical tips, tricks, and Copier and printer service solutions.

About fixing tech

A well-equipped office plays an important role in the development and efficiency of a business.  Equipment, interiors, etc. are an essential part of an office.  This is because they will help you to organise your daily tasks and ease the workload. Through this blog, you will get ideas on how to set up a professional office and how to choose the right office equipment. In addition, we present various models of photocopiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, and other office equipment in the form of images and descriptions.  We will definitely share the pros and cons of each model of machine.  This will help you to choose the best office equipment that meets your needs and budget.

We provide fast, efficient, and unique service through our website. We do not sell or service these machines.  Our services will help you to create a comfortable office environment.  Our service is completely free of cost and there are no mandatory obligations. Our mission is to become the first answer to people’s questions about office equipment and office interior.

We hope these services help you to boost your career.  So please visit this website regularly to get the latest updates and knowledge.  We always need your support and do not hesitate to comment on our site.  Thanks again, see our contact page if needed.