Printers or MFPs have become an integral part of the tech world just like computers. A printer is a device that receives text and graphics output from a computer and transfers that data into paper. Their use is increasing daily for office work, photographic printing, and for completing project work, etc. Moreover, printers are the long-term investments of every business. Nowadays, every printer has come up with the most advanced and latest technologies. With so many features and benefits, considering buying a printer often feels like a daunting task. So, through this post, we are helping you to choose the right Printer that meets your needs.

All printers are efficient and best with various advantages and disadvantages to each. Actually, the definition of the term “right printer” is the one that is affordable and fulfills your requirements perfectly. However,  all printers are not designed for the same tasks. So, choosing the right printer among them is not an easy process. Therefore, we expect that we can shed some light on the common types and features of Printers to make the process of buying your new printer simple and easy.

Before purchasing a printer, you have to consider various criteria. Because these criteria will help you to buy a Printer that will satisfy your requirements and budget. There are mainly two types of printers. These are LaserJet and Inkjet printers. First of all, let’s compare laser printers and inkjet printers.

Types of printer

  1. LaserJet printer
    • These printers are also known as multi-functional printers, that is all-in-one printers. MFPs are the most trusted and highly efficient option for workplaces which print documents frequently. Most suitable for high-volume document printing. They use lasers to make static electricity. So, it uses toner cartridges to make prints. However, toner cartridges are a little more expensive than ink cartridges. But, it lasts longer than ink. The laser jet printers are fast and print high-quality texts. Above all, they have both color and monochrome printers. If you want to print thousands of pages per month, then laser jet printers are highly recommended.
  2. Inkjet printer
    • Inkjet printers use liquid ink or ink cartridges to make a print. This printer is ideal for printing images and is recommended for general printing at home or in the office. They provide prints which are richer in color when compared to LaserJet printers. For instance, if you plan on printing your own photos and want more vivid colors then inkjet printers are a better option for you. And also, if you only print a few hundred of pages per month then inkjet printers are preferable. Although, inkjets are slower and not so expensive.

After having an idea about the types of Printers, you have to analyze the features of each printer you want in your printer. Because this will help to enhance your productivity. So, analyze the following features as per your requirements.


  1. Print speed
    • This is the most important feature to consider before buying a printer. It is measured in pages per minute or simply known as ppm. This number will indicate how many papers can be printed per minute by a printer. PPM is not an important factor for home printers. However, if you want to print often then it is better to choose a printer with a higher print speed. The print speed may differ for monochrome printers and color printers. It may be less for color.
  2. Print resolution
    • Print resolution is measured by dots per inch or known as DPI. If the printer has a higher DPI, then it has the highest image quality or resolution. Although, this is not a factor if you mainly print documents and texts. You must search for High-resolution printers if you need high-quality images
  3. Connectivity
    • Nowadays, every printer has multiple connectivity options like wireless printing, cloud printing, mobile printing, etc. USB connectivity is a common option in all printers. It allows you to connect to one device in a fixed location. However, wireless printing will allow you to connect the printer with multiple users. Wireless printing can be done by connecting the printer to a wireless printer. And also the WiFi direct option will let you connect without the help of a router.  Mobile printing and cloud printing are also standard features in the latest printers.
  4. Additional features
    • There are many extra features on the latest printers which are designed to enhance the productivity of the machine. For example, the features like Duplex printing, Automatic document feeder, Accessibility programs, etc.  Duplex printing will help you to print both sides of a page and also it decreases paper wastage. An Automatic document feeder will allow you to scan and copy multiple pages automatically. These additional features will make your printing more sustainable and help to produce professional-looking documents. So, choosing a printer with these additional features will help you to save your time.


The Brand is also a crucial factor in the performance of a printer. Today, many brands are manufacturing high-quality printers at affordable prices. Choosing one among those brands is a very difficult task. So, do research about each brand by reading reviews, asking professionals in this field, etc. Above all, make sure to buy printers whose parts are available in the market. And also have an idea about the price of those parts.