A Fax machine is an electronic device which is designed to send and receive images and documents electronically to another fax machine through a telephone network. Basically, it scans texts and images from the sender’s original document and transfers the replica of the document to the recipient’s machine over the telephone line. That means, it develops an exact copy of original documents and these messages are called Faxes.

The Fax machines are found outdated in today’s business atmosphere. Because, new inventions like emails have taken the place of faxes. But the invention of fax machines revolutionised the business world. However, Faxing is a safer mode of transmitting information than email attachments. Because, this information is end-to -end encrypted and there is no need to worry about hackers and computer viruses. 

What is a multifunction Fax machine?

Today, the modern Fax machine is a part of a multi-function unit. That is, a multi functional device is capable of performing two or more functions. These multi-functional devices consist of  functions like printing, Copying, scanning and Faxing. It is commonly known as an MFP. Although, buying an MFP will give you most Office equipment in one machine. Additionally,  a landline phone network is essential for this faxing. If you only occasionally send and receive faxes, a multi-functional device is preferable. Because, it will save your money and space. Also, the process of Faxing is easy in MFP when compared to a separate fax machine and it will give you documents in A4 size.

How to choose a Fax machine?

Before purchasing a fax machine, you have to consider various criterias. Because, these criterias will help you to buy a Fax machine that will satisfy your requirements and budget. 

  1. Modemspeed
    • A fax modem will allow the machine  to transmit information through phone lines. That means, the fax machine should have it’s own dedicated line to transfer datas. You can quickly transfer and receive datas if the modem speed is higher. 
  2. Paper capacity
    • This is a most important factor to consider before buying a fax machine. The paper capacity indicates how much paper the machine can hold. A lower paper capacity machine is suitable for small businesses. However, large capacity machines are suitable for medium and large sized businesses.
  3. Security
    • The password protection is an important feature available on some fax machines. It helps to block unauthorised use of fax machines. You should search for a machine which stores fax information in it’s memory. Because,  this will help you to avoid losing data incase of power failure.
  4. Broadcasting
    • The machines having broadcast capability will help you to quickly transmit the same document to multiple recipients. This is a time saving feature available in fax machines. 
  5. Memory
    • If the fax machine has a higher memory, then it can store and process more datas. It also gives high quality faxes with fine details.
  6. Additional features
    • There are many additional features on the latest Fax machines which are designed to enhance the productivity of the machine. You must analyse these features with your needs before choosing a fax machine.  The features like Automatic document feeder, Duplex Faxing, Auto dialling, etc will help you to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your machine. For instance, the Auto dialling feature will allow you to save your favourite or frequently dialled numbers into the fax machine’s memory. It will avoid the possibility of incorrectly dialled numbers and there is no need for an external contact list.

What is online Faxing?

Online Faxing or Virtual Faxing is the most advanced and latest mode of Faxing. It transmits information over internet connection. Basically, you just need a device which can connect to the internet like Computer or Smartphone to transmit documents or images. That means, you can convert your mobile or computer into a portable fax machine. you just need a free fax app to perform Faxing over internet connection. Most importantly, you don’t need any dedicated Fax machines, ink cartridges and landlines. 

Advantages of online Faxing

The process of online Faxing is very similar to sending an email. However, this Faxing method uses web based Graphical User Interface(GUI) or an email to send Faxes. The online Faxing will help to decrease paper consumption. Also the digital documents are more easy to manage than hard copy documents. This Faxing method is more secure than a public fax machine. Because, it will keep your documents private and organised. And also you can send or receive multiple faxes at same time. Moreover, these features make online Faxing a fast reliable method to transmit confidential data.