The Epson L1800 is an easy-to-use inkjet color printer that is designed to perform printing tasks quickly and efficiently. It gives you high-quality images and documents. However, in this article, we are sharing the method to fix the ink pad at the end of its service life error on the Epson L1800 printer. I know you tried your best to fix this problem. Although, this is a common error on all Epson printers. You don’t have to worry about this error because you can easily solve this error in a few steps. Here we are sharing the methods to reset the ink pad counter. So, read this article to know about this error and the ways to solve the ink pad problem at the end of its service life error.  Epson l1800 resetter adjustment program download.

What is the “ink pad at the end of its service life” error?

The Epson printer consists of an ink pad that collects the waste inks during the printing process. That means the ink pad acts as a tank for waste ink. Eventually,  one day the waste ink storage capacity of the ink pad will attain its maximum or the lifespan of the ink pad will end. That time the printer will notify you by blinking all LED lights or alternately turning the paper light and ink light into orange. This sign shows that the service life of the ink pad is at the end. You can’t use this printer when this error displays. Therefore, you should quickly start to fix this problem.

How to solve the Epson L1800 “ink pad at the end of its service life” error?

There are mainly two solutions to fix the ink pad error. 

  1. Replace the waste ink pad.
    • It is better to replace the ink pad because the ink pad has already completed its service life. So, if you replace the waste ink pad it will enhance your productivity.
  2. Reset the waste ink pad counter.
    • Usually, the resetting of the waste ink pad counter is done after replacing the ink pad. You will need to reset this waste ink pad counter to zero. You can reset it through very easy steps. Above all, you must need software called the Adjustment program Epson L1800. Without this program, you can’t perform the resetting process.

So, first you should download and install this program on your device. You can download it through the link given below.

By using the Epson Adjustment Program software, you can perform various functions on the printer such as Adjustment, Maintenance, and Appendix.