Canon is a popular and reliable brand among imaging and printing devices. They manufacture a wide range of products such as cameras, camcorders, printers, copiers, etc. Most importantly, the Canon printers are more popular than any other printers. These printers provide the most advanced and latest technologies. They made the printing process so smooth, manageable and fast through their excellent features. Although, like any other devices the users may experience various technical problems while printing. Here, we are discussing one of those issues.

What is Factory resetting?

Factory resetting is a process of reverting all the changes you have done on your Canon printer settings. This process will make your printer as good as new. If your printer screen shows any errors or does not work properly, you can perform a factory reset. Your settings will change to default when you do factory resetting. That means, the printer settings will become the state in which the printer came. However, the data you saved on your printer including IP address, scanning folders, stored files,etc will be removed by performing factory reset. 

Instructions to reset Canon printer to Factory settings

The process of resetting to factory settings is not so difficult. So, You can do it yourself through the methods we are giving below. This method may not be suitable with all Canon printers, but it is suitable for Canon Pixma printers.

  1. First and foremost, turn off your Canon printer by pressing the power/on button. This will switch off your printer.
  2. Then, press and hold the Stop button for 2 seconds.
  3. After that, keep holding the Power button and Stop button simultaneously.
  4. Now let go of the Stop button.
  5. Press the Stop button for 5 times while you hold the Power button.
  6. Then, release the Power button.
  7. Now, the resetting process has started, the screen of your printer will be blank. Just give a few seconds to complete the process of factory resetting. Once the machine stops having noises, just press the Power button. This will restart your printer.

So, the steps for factory resetting are finished successfully. Hopefully, your Canon printer has been resetted to factory default


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