Tired of getting the status sc300 on your Ricoh MP2001, MP 2501, MP2501SP, and MP 2014 copiers when trying to print?  I know you have tried your best to solve this problem.  However, this is a common error in all Ricoh copiers.  You don’t need to worry about this error because you can easily fix this error with a few steps.  Here we share methods to troubleshoot sc300 error in Ricoh Copiers.  So, read this article to know the ways to fix ricoh error code sc300 and the reasons behind this error code.  These methods will help you continue the printing process.

Meaning of ricoh error code sc300

The ricoh error code sc300 indicates charge roller error in Ricoh mp 2501.  This is known as high voltage power supply output error or Drum charge roller error.  However, this can happen for a number of reasons.  Mainly, this error occurs when the charge in the primary charge roller of the drum unit leaks or does not receive enough charge.

This error also appears on the machine if there is any problem with the power supply or high voltage in the copier.  That is, the sc300 error occurs when the high voltage wiring is disconnected or the high voltage power supply fails.

Solution for error code sc300 on Ricoh

  1. Check the drum unit
    • First, remove the drum unit.  It is better to change the charge roller as it may be damaged.  Also, check the contacts.  If the error still appears, replace the PCU (photoconductor)
  2. Check the high voltage power supply
    • Replace the high voltage power supply board if necessary.

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