Are you getting the signal as Sc396-05 on your Ricoh mpc 4503 Copier while trying to print?  I’m sure you are tired of getting this error. However, this is a common error on all Ricoh printers and can be easily fixed in a few steps. Here in this article, we are sharing a few methods to fix the error code Sc396-05 on the Ricoh MPC copier. So, read this article to know the causes and solutions of this problem. These methods will help you to continue the printing process.

Meaning of the error 396-05 on Ricoh mpc 4503

The error code Sc396-05 on Ricoh copier indicates Drum motor Cyan, Magenta, or  Yellow lock error. That means, this error is on the motor which rotates the Drum unit. It occurs if the Drum C, M, or Y is not rotating properly. 

This error may because of many reasons, some of them are given below

  1. The motor is unable to rotate if the Drum unit is tight. So, this error happens.
  2. If the connectors of the motor are not properly connected.
  3. If the motor is damaged.
  4. Defective harness.
  5. Failure of IOB.

Solutions for the error SC 396-05 in Ricoh mpc 4503

  1. Check the motor and replace  if it is necessary.
  2. Check the IOB and PCDU. Replace it if necessary.